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How to Get Restaurant and Bar Insurance in Santa Clarita Valley

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Looking for Restaurant and Bar Insurance in the Santa Clarita Valley?

The Santa Clarita Valley may seem like “small town USA”, but there are dozens of restaurants and bars in Santa Clarita alone.. If you are one of the owners, then you already know how tough if can be to run a bar or restaurant. And solid bar and restaurant insurance is a critical part of running a successful business that can survive.

Running a restaurant, bar or nightclub is full of responsibilities and never-ending tasks. Just the hiring and training of staff can be a full time job! And you still need to focus on top level customer service, be proactive in your sales and marketing efforts to bring more people to your restaurant regularly–not to mention dealing with health inspections, paying bills, and of course there always seem to be those that jump to leave negative reviews or complaints.

With all these pressures that come from managing your business, the last thing you want to worry about is getting sideswiped by a lawsuit or other claim that could seriously hurt your business. While we may live and work in the Golden State, California is also considered one of the most litigious states in the nation.

What Are the Types of Insurance Policies for Food and Alcohol Establishments

Restaurant and Bar InsuranceInsurance isn’t something that most business owners like to think about. Not only would they rather focus on running their restaurant, making money and expanding but insurance is there to protect against circumstances that many of us would rather not think about! Avoiding the negative is a natural way to think but it is also extremely risky to ignore the risks that can occur when you least expect them. And so, restaurant and bar insurance coverage is a necessity for all those different situations that could arise.

Food poisoning, disgruntled employees, discriminatory treatment and so forth are all common reasons that restaurants get sued. There are also natural disasters, fires, plumbing related floods or even the loss of perishables during prolonged power outages. The point is that there are multiple reasons why food and beverage establishments must have the right kind, or kinds, of insurance.

Just are there are multiple sources of risks, there are different types of restaurant & bar insurance policies to protect your business. These include:

  • General liability insurance–this protects against property damage and personal injury claims made by third parties
  • Inventory insurance–helpful in cases of food loss or spoilage
  • Property insurance–protects against damage caused by fire, lightning, and other natural disasters
  • Food and beverage insurance–these are special food and beverage insurance and flood insurance policies that may be helpful for your specific restaurant or bar
  • Liquor liability insurance–most establishments that serve alcohol take out liquor liability insurance policies. These policies will protect you if a customer has too much to drink and then attempts to drive afterward. If one of your customers hurts either themselves or others on the road during their drive back home, you will be protected
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance–support the well-being of your staff and guard you against any potential conflict they could have with your business
  • Commercial auto insurance–If your restaurant offers delivery, adding commercial auto insurance will protect company vehicles from damage or theft. This coverage is valid for any private or commercial vehicles that are borrowed, leased, owned, or rented by your company.
  • Owner life insurance–You may also want to take out a life insurance policy for yourself. In the worst-case scenario, this will help keep your business in the family even if you are no longer with them. It can also help cover the mortgage on your business property and pay for bills.

How Much Does Insurance Cost for a Nightclub, Restaurant, Pub or Bar?

Just like that famous question, “how long is a piece of string” the only way to answer it is to measure it. In the case of a small business, such as a restaurant or bar, the first step is to assess the needs and the risks–and this is where a trained, licensed and experienced commercial insurance agent is worth their weight.

But, as a good restaurant owner/operator is always cost conscious, the first question is likely to be, “How much does this kind of insurance coverage cost?” Of course, restaurant insurance varies by location and by size, but many typical restaurants pay as little as $150 to $200 per month for insurance. Due to the risks involve, bar insurance can be considerably more expensive–often costing several thousand dollars a month.

As you saw above, there are multiple types of insurance needed and in most cases these can be combined and packaged. This is not only more convenient but normally a policy package provides a discounted rate as well.

Adding extra coverage for life insurance, unemployment, workers’ comp insurance, and other forms of insurance will of course add up for further charges. If your business is seasonal, then this could make a difference as well. But as complicated as all of this sounds, the fact is that we take care of the “devilish details” so you can focus on running your business.

These insurance policies are there to protect your business from failing and it is our job to see that you are covered.

And, importantly, you may qualify for additional savings if you buy all of your policies through the same firm or agent, such as Lucas Insurance Services. Give us a call at 661-255-6363 today, and we will help you get all the quality coverage you need at the cheapest price!

Restaurant Bar Insurance Policies

Getting the best policy for your business can be a confusing process. That is why we are here, to not only provide quotes but to help you to fully understand your business needs and how the right policy can best protect you.

It is not enough to just purchase any restaurant and bar insurance policy. To best protect your restaurant and bar from potentially severe risks you need a policy that fits your needs, covers your unique risks and is backed by a company that you can trust to be there when you need them.

With our help, you can make sure your business is secure. When it comes to bars and restaurants in the Lancaster and Palmdale area we have been the trusted source for insurance coverage for over 30 years.

When you call us, simply ask for a Licensed Commercial Insurance Agent and we will be happy to set up a consultation. Once we have clarified what is most important for your specific business, it is easy for us to research and put together the best insurance coverage for you business.

We are specialists in all lines of commercial insurance, including quality coverage for restaurants and bars. Please give us a call at 661-255-6363 to set up a consultation today.

Commercial Auto Insurance Santa Clarita

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Santa Clarita Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses need Commercial Auto Insurance Santa Clarita. Especially to protect your business vehicles when they operate on the road.

The statistics show accidents will happen. Having the right commercial insurance coverage protects your business, in turn keeping your people moving on the road safely. When accidents happen you as the policy holder can be confident the commercial policy we help you get for your business will have the coverage to protect what matters most.

Plus with our 30 years of experience and expertise we’ll make sure you know other aspects of protection that most insurance agents often overlook when writing a commercial auto insurance policy in Santa Clarita.

The truth is it’s our job to shop all major carriers for you.

To find the best possible coverage options for you and us to know your business is insured properly, so if there was to be an incident or major accident that you can keep operating your fleet of trucks or cars and business can continue on smoothly.

Buying the right commercial automobile insurance policy matters and we’re here to help you get insured right. On so many levels… Much more than the amount you pay to be commercially insured.

Commercial Auto Insurance Santa Clarita CA

Santa Clarita Commercial Insurance

At Lucas Insurance Services in Santa Clarita we offer you the choices available to us from all major carriers. 

As experts with 30 years in business we pride ourselves on giving you a 1-1 professional white glove, 5 star service for your commercial auto insurance needs. Providing our clients the: knowledge, due-diligence, experience and expertise that comes with helping thousands of our clients get the right policy coverage.

We give our you the choices at the price point you need, with the protection your business needs to have.

Yes, We can help you with your commercial auto insurance policy!

The great news is if you would like commercial insurance in Santa Clarita for your fleet of trucks, cars, and SUV’s we can help get your business the best set of choices.

It starts by calling us so we can learn more about your coverage needs… For a FAST Quote Call Now: 661-255-6363

Buying commercial fleet, truck and car insurance is required by law. It’s smart business to be insured against claims of bodily injury and/or property damage for which you could be legally liable.  The commercial automobile liability section of coverage can pay for these damages as well as related legal expenses such as expenses of independent adjusters, lawyers, witnesses and court costs.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage in Santa Clarita

Comprehensive and Collision damage coverage is required on your Santa Clarita commercial automobile insurance policy if you took a loan to buy the car or if you leased the vehicle you use in business.  

Learn more about Commercial Automobile and Truck Insurance for your business vehicles… We provide great commercial insurance services with the choices on your policy options and coverage that will make you smile. Get A Quote Now!

We shop all your best rates, coverage and pricing options across all major carriers for you based on your application for commercial automobile insurance coverage to all of our carriers. This ensures you are getting the best possible coverage at the best possible price.

Medial payments coverage will pay for medical bills if you and your passengers are injured in a car accident. This is known as a voluntary form of payment in that it pays regardless of fault.  Often injured persons will collect this to help reduce or pay for the deductible they have on their own personal medical insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial Auto Policy Coverage Options

Hired Automobile Physical Damage coverage – A hired auto is a covered auto owned by someone other than you that is hired. Or rented to you. This endorsement insures against comprehensive and collision damage to the rented unit. The endorsement will have a limit per unit or vehicle for physical damage coverage. Generally $50,000 to $75,000. A deductible will apply to each covered claim.

Non-Owned Business Automobile Liability coverage – This endorsement is for your employees who use their own vehicle for your company business. Such as business meetings or simply running company errands. It does not replace your liability as the employer. It protects you as the employer. If you are named in a claim or law suit as a result of your employees’ negligence. This endorsement will provide you with a defense and settlement if necessary.

Other commercial coverage options include:

  • Employee Hired Auto Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Auto Loan Physical Damage Extension
  • Driver Other Car Coverage

Always enlist the professional assistance of our knowledgeable, expert, experienced licensed commercial insurance agents at Lucas Insurance Services. We’re conveniently located with offices in Santa Clarita.

Contact us before making any important commercial automobile insurance decisions!

Nightclub and Bar Insurance Santa Clarita

Nightclub and Bar Insurance in Santa Clarita

Do you own a restaurant, bar, or nightclub in Santa Clarita? If so, is your business protected? We can help you protect your business today with affordable insurance. We can show you what insurance coverage options you may need. Speak with a Licensed Insurance Agent at Lucas Insurance services for a quote now.

Lucas Insurance proudly offering coverage for Restaurant and Bar Insurance Santa Clarita for 30 years. YES! Contact Lucas Insurance at 661-255-6363.

When you call us now simply ask for a Licensed Commercial Insurance Agent in our office and they will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Insurance policies for Santa Clarita Valley restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners are crucial for continued success in your business. Once one of our licensed agents asks you a few simple questions, we will know the best nightclub and bar insurance policy for you based on your specific business and what coverage is most important to you.

Bar and Nightclub Owners in Santa Clarita enjoy working with our experienced agents here at Lucas Insurance Services and we think you will too!
If you need quality bar insurance coverage call:

Nightclub Insurance Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita’s Most Comprehensive Bar Insurance

Owning a nightclub or bar in Santa Clarita is one of the riskiest businesses. If you want your business to prosper exponentially, it is vital that you have nightclub insurance. Bar insurance takes into consideration the high amount of traffic that goes into your business, especially in the evenings. It will keep your property protected from damages brought by unforeseen fights, incidents, staff negligence, burglar attempts, and other unwanted events. This can save you thousands of dollars.

If you serve any type of alcoholic beverage at your restaurant, bar, or nightclub, you will need to have Liquor Liability Insurance. The cost of this coverage is based on your annual sales of alcoholic beverages. Since you need this coverage for your business, choose a Bar Insurance Provider in Santa Clarita who will secure your business properly without second guesses. We help you protect what you value at an inexpensive rate without sacrificing the quality of the coverage you need.

Own a nightclub or bar in Santa Clarita? We can help get you insured and protected now with coverage options that your business needs. Speak with a Licensed Insurance Agent at Lucas Insurance Services for a quote now. Contact Lucas Insurance at 661-255-6363.

Lucas Insurance proudly serving Santa Clarita for over three decades! Providing you with the best restaurant and bar insurance in the Santa Clarita area. You are a successful and hardworking business owner. It’s time to give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

Hotel Bar Insurance Santa Clarita CA

Looking for a credible provider for hotel restaurant bar insurance in Santa Clarita?

At Lucas Insurance Services in Santa Clarita Valley, we understand you need to keep your overhead costs down. We also know if an incident, accident, or loss should occur and you are not insured properly, your Santa Clarita CA hotel bar could go up in smoke. The experienced agents at Lucas Insurance Services will guide you through the process of purchasing the best insurance in Santa Clarita nightclub or hotel bar. When you give us a call, you will see that finding the right hotel restaurant bar insurance in Santa Clarita is easy.

Secure affordable nightclub bar insurance with the right restaurant bar insurance policy that fits the bill and your needs. Contact Lucas Insurance at 661-255-6363 and get the commercial insurance policy quote you need in Santa Clarita.

Nightclub Insurance and Bar Insurance Companies

Why You Need Coverage: The Risk of Owning a Nightclub and Bar

The bar and nightclub business can be risky. In fact, it is one of the riskiest businesses you can own. It requires putting in such an excellent investment in the venue, liquor, and workers. Many accidents could occur. If they did, it would hurt your business to pay even more for damage and liabilities. Nightclub and bar insurance packages can guarantee that you don’t have to pay for any depreciation or liabilities caused by your business.

There are many different accidents that could occur in a nightclub or bar. The risks of this business include food poisoning from poor sanitation or mishandling food, assault, vandalism, robbery, fires, and lawsuits resulting from all of the previous incidents. If your customers are intoxicated, the chances of these incidents will increase. With this in mind, it’s important to have a reliable insurance plan for your business that will protect you from all these undesirable situations. Reliable insurance will conserve your profits. Paying for an insurance plan can save you if you reach a time of crisis and loss. It will defend you from unforeseen and uncontrollable events.

Nightclub and Bar Insurance Packages

We offer several packages for nightclub and bar insurance to help you maintain high profits for your business and keep your investment. Some of our packages come with a bonus, and some are made exceptionally affordable for you. Here are some examples of coverage that we offer:

1. Liability Coverage: Liability is the most important package for your business. It is divided into two areas: general liability and liquor liability. General liability coverage protects you from the general costs of accidents that may occur, especially accidents that involve other people in your place of business. Liquor liability covers all alcohol-related injuries or accidents.

2. Building Coverage: This package is useful for businesses that own their building. It helps you with any building-related accident. It also covers the cost of your building in case of damages from fire, storms, and other natural disasters.

3. Food Contamination Coverage: Sometimes your employees could mishandle the food you serve, leading to food poisoning for one of your customers. This could make your business vulnerable to a lawsuit. This package protects you by dealing with any incidents caused by the mismanagement of food.

4. Equipment Breakdown Coverage: As you know, bars and nightclubs usually own expensive equipment that could be damaged. This insurance policy protects businesses from financial strain in the event that their expensive equipment is damaged.

The government may also require you to have a specific package. In that case, we can help you get the insurance they require at affordable prices. Getting nightclub and bar insurance in Santa Clarita CA will go smoothly for you when you find the perfect insurance package for your business. Insurance is a critical component of every successful business. Contact us at 661-255-6363 to get a quote for the best insurance plan for your business.


Home and Auto Insurance Companies in Santa Clarita

Home And Auto Discounts

Home and Auto Insurance in Santa Clarita

Your home and your cars are some of your most valuable possessions outside of your family and your kids… ALL OF WHICH, you would agree should be well protected and insured. To provide you with the peace of mind. To know everything that what matters most to you in your life is certainly covered, just in case anything were to happen.

We can help you save time and money with your Home and Auto Policy. If you’re a local resident living in Santa Clarita that owns at least 1 home and 1 car that we can insure for you contact Lucas Insurance.

Have 2 or more vehicles, with 2 or multiple drivers and your own home? GREAT, we can save you even more by combining your home and auto insurance now with a policy written by Lucas Insurance Services. Reach out to us at Lucas Insurance Services for a quote! Call Now: 661-255-6363

Santa Clarita – Home and Auto Insurance Discounts

Home And Auto Policy Discounts


We’re here because we like to serve and after over 30 years of serving is Santa Clarita we are the insurance experts. We can help you find the very best local resident discounts on your home and auto insurance policies so you can benefit from our many years of expertise and experience. Leaving you feeling confident that you are paying the best price for the most premium home and auto insurance coverage in Santa Clarita.

Lucas Insurance will give you the best home and auto insurance discounts rates and coverage available for Homeowners in Santa Clarita. We work with a large network of insurance providers to open many options for your home and auto insurance. When you call us now simply ask for a Licensed Insurance Agent in our office and they will be happy to provide you with a quote. With our help, you will have peace of mind by securing your most valuable property.

Speak with a Licensed Insurance Agent at Lucas Insurance services for a quote now.

Lucas Insurance proudly offering coverage for Home and Auto Insurance in Santa Clarita for 30 years. YES! Contact Lucas Insurance at 661-255-6363.


Home And Auto Discounts

Homeowners Insurance Santa Clarita CA

Home owners insurance is required by your lender when you owe more than 60% loan to value, in some cases even higher.

While homeowners insurance may not be required by law, it is certainly a good idea.

And, if you and your family also have a car or multiple cars in the household with multiple drivers then it is wise to have both auto insurance and your homeowners insurance policy with us so you can get local discounts for home and auto insurance in Santa Clarita.

Would you agree home insurance helps protect against many threats that may come up in the lifetime that you own your home.

Protect yourself and your home. Along with your property and personal liability by choosing an insurance provider and expert local to the area that can provide great service and local resident discounts for you when you get a home and auto insurance policy quote here with us online or by phone from Lucas Insurance Santa Clarita.

Home and Auto Insurance Discounts for Local Residents Living In Santa Clarita

It’s easy for you to get a home and auto insurance quote online or once you speak with one of our licensed agents…

They’ll ask you a few simple questions. To help us better understand the property that is being insured and what is most important to you. When it comes to helping you determine the right coverage for your needs and the home loan you have, along with the amount of automobiles, drivers and driving records of the drivers in your household that you would like to include in your home and auto policy.

Start protecting your assets and yourself… Local resident Homeowners in Santa Clarita can enjoy home and auto discounts when they get a quote now from one of our agents at Lucas Insurance Services.

So if you need Home And Auto Insurance in Santa Clarita call now:

Apartment Building Insurance Santa Clarita

Apartment Building Owners Insurance Service

Santa Clarita Valley  – Apartment Building Owners Insurance

Apartment Building Insurance options in Santa Clarita include Lucas Insurance Services. We can provide you with the proper coverage needs, right policy terms and piece of mind that your assets are insured properly.

Apartment Building Owners located in Valencia CA,  Newhall CA, Stevenson Ranch CA, Canyon Country CA and throughout our Santa Clarita Valley hire Lucas Insurance because we know the importance of providing the correct property coverage and we enjoy helping you the apartment building owners to protect your investments & assets.

Contact Lucas Insurance for:

  • Apartment Owners Insurance
  • Commercial Building Owners Insurance for Industrial, Retail or Office Buildings
  • Commercial Property Insurance Coverage Options
  • Commercial Liability Coverage
  • Business Income Insurance Policy Options (Available Upon Request)

Lucas Insurance proudly offering coverage for Apartment Owners Insurance Santa Clarita for 30 years. YES! Contact Lucas Insurance at 661-255-6363.

When you call us now simply ask for a Licensed Commercial Insurance Agent in our office and they will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Insurance policies for Santa Clarita Valley apartment building owners can be easy to quote for you once one of our licensed agents asks you a few simple questions to help us better understand the property that is being insured and what is most important to you when getting insured for your commercial apartment properties and assets.

Apartment Building Owners in Santa Clarita enjoy working with our experienced agents here at Lucas Insurance Services and we think you will too!

So if you have the need for quality apartment insurance coverage call:


Insurance For Santa Clarita Apartment Building Owners

Your apartment building should be insured to at least 90% of its replacement cost and only a professional Santa Clarita property appraiser can advise you on the actual replacement cost of the apartment building or property that you are looking to insure here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Apartment Building Insurance coverage should include building ordinance. Most apartment building insurance policies contain a sub limit of coverage available for building ordinance coverage. Building ordinance is often overlooked but can be the greater part of your cost to get the building rebuilt in the event of a loss. Be sure you have an adequate amount of insurance for ordinance and that it covers the following:

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Medical
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Excess Insurance Coverage


Apartment Building Owners Insurance Service

Apartment Building Insurance in Santa Clarita

Apartment Building Insurance: Coverage A provides coverage for loss to the undamaged portion of the building. It pays for the loss of value of the undamaged portion of the building that has to be taken down due to the building code or ordinance imposed following a covered loss. This in effect creates a total loss of your building. Since the building no longer meets code it must be torn down or demolished and re-built to code.

Apartment Building Insurance: Coverage B pays for the cost to demolish and remove the undamaged portions of your Santa Clarita apartment building insurance however the destruction must be due to the building code or ordinance imposed following a covered loss.

Apartment Building Insurance: Coverage C provides for the increased costs incurred to repair or rebuild the property to comply with current ordinance or law. One insurance policy coverage option is coverage for your loss of rents. Most insurance policies provide coverage for 18 months or for the actual loss sustained for a period of 12 months. You do have options and your professional insurance agent at Lucas Insurance Services can make these options available to you for your consideration.

Santa Clarita Apartment Building Insurance

The experts at Lucas Insurance Services will make sure your Santa Clarita apartment owners insurance policy pays the cost to replace appliances that are included in the rental unit such as stoves, refrigerators and dish washers.   In addition to that you might have to replace carpeting or flooring or window treatments.  These items often get overlooked when values are being placed on the replacement or repair to your apartment building.  Without proper guidance you can be left paying out of pocket expenses for items that should have been included in your Santa Clarita apartment building owners’ insurance portfolio.


Apartment Insurance Santa Clarita

Just as you carefully insure your real and personal property you must also pay attention to the liability section of your policy.  If your apartment building is worth $5,000,000 do not buy liability insurance for $1,000,000. A liability claim can wipe out your assets just as fast as a fire can destroy your building.

Under your liability section you should look for the endorsement for Personal Injury. This endorsement protects you for claims made against you by your tenants for wrongful entry, wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy and discrimination. This type of claim can come with a pretty big price for the defense of the claim and has the potential for a large settlement paid to the claimant.

When you are building your Antelope Valley apartment building owners insurance policy whether it is in Valencia, Newhall or Canyon Country you should always look to a trusted advisor at Lucas Insurance Services in Santa Clarita.  We are local and we know the risks you face. More importantly we know how to protect you against those risks.