Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Single Vehicles or a Fleet

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When an automobile, truck or van is used for commercial purposes there is an added layer of protection for your business that would be wise to have. Even if your employees are using their own cars to conduct your business, and have their own personal auto insurance, you may need additional coverage to protect your business from that potential liability.

Many business owners find it financially wise to purchase automobiles through their business, even if that car will see joint usage for personal trips as well. They may not realize that personal auto insurance could be insufficient and leave a gaping hole in your overall defense strategy.

And of course, if your company owns a fleet of service vehicles then an adequate policy to cover all vehicles and any business liability is critical to maintain. But how do you know if the policy coverage is adequate? Or perhaps it is overly protective for your specific business and its unique risk profile?

Business Vehicle Insurance Quotes and Evaluations

That is our job at Lucas Insurance, to see that you have the adequate and proper level of insurance coverage from a trustworthy and reliable company.

To properly determine the level of commercial auto insurance that your company requires (or if it requires such a policy at all) is best done with a custom evaluation done by one of our commercial insurance specialists.

For example, even if your employees use company cars for both business and personal use, it would be good to look into purchasing a commercial vehicle policy for your business. If the business is the owner of the vehicle, make sure the name of the business appears on the policy as the “principal insured” rather than your name.

Once we have a complete picture of what your business needs and risks are, then our agents can best explain your business’s vehicle insurance options. You will be asked about how your employees use their vehicles, which employees drive company cars, and if some employees will be using their own cars for company work and travel.

We understand that you may have questions about the type of coverage that may be right for you. Our friendly agents will walk you through your insurance shopping, and search the country to find you the best rate. Contact us today or call to learn more about your options – or get a free commercial auto insurance quote right now!