Providing DUI, DWI Insurance and SR22 Car Insurance for Drivers

SR22 Insurance DUI

Perhaps you lost your license for driving without insurance, accumulating too many points on your record or even a DUI. If so, you know how tough and expensive it can be to find insurance.

But without insurance you cannot reinstate your drivers license, which can be a enormous problem for anyone living in Southern California, especially suburb communities like the Santa Clarita or Antelope Valleys.

Unlike those drivers with few marks or a clean driving record, there are quite a few of us that are not eligible for standard auto insurance and have to apply for high-risk assessment policies. These can not only be difficult to find, they can also be quite expensive–especially if you don’t know where to look.

Offering Affordable Insurance for Higher Risk Assessment Drivers

At Lucas Insurance Services, we write policies for drivers who are difficult or impossible to place with other auto insurance companies.

Drivers with the highest risk often have to go to an assigned risk pool, where the government forces an insurer to cover them, but at Lucas Insurance Services, we can offer high-risk individuals great policies at great rates.

We want to help. More importantly, we have the experience, track record and connections to take care of those drivers with a poor driving record that prevents them from getting affordable car insurance.

Give us a call today. Don’t let your driving record prevent you from getting the insurance you need at a price you can handle.