Disability Insurance for Individuals

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Lucas Insurance Services is pleased offer a number of affordable disability insurance solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can:

  • Help secure monthly payments to safeguard your standard of living
  • Protect your financial future while providing excellent coverages
  • Adjust disability coverages to meet your changing needs

Which coverages are right for you? What contingencies should you protect yourself against? How much is all this going to cost?

At Lucas Insurance Services, we are committed to helping you find the disability insurance solutions that are right for you – and your family.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more.

Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

Even a short-term disability can wreak havoc on your life and your finances.

Unemployment insurance can be pretty dismal, rarely enough to even buy food let alone pay bills.

Disability insurance for individuals is normally inexpensive to obtain–but one must have it before that injury, accident or disability occurs.

Find out more by giving us a call and setting up a free insurance review and consultation.