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With the continuing growth of the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley, building and service contractors remain in high demand. And, with the increased liability risks we face in the State of California, any contractor knows how important it is to have good insurance protection.

And it is not just for the sake of protection, often the deciding factor on winning a job is not just price or experience but also how good your insurance is. Poor contractor insurance coverage can often deny access to the better paying and quality jobs available.

And if you are operating as a general contractor (GC), then you are responsible for everything that happens on the job site – from start to finish. If a wall collapses or someone on your crew – or any crew – is injured, you’re responsible.

If the work fails to meet standards or proves lacking, then the responsibility can easily find its way to you. Without proper coverage, you and your business could be wiped out.

Finding Affordable Insurance for Contractors

At Lucas Insurance Services, we offer affordable Contractors Insurance solutions that can address your liability concerns, no matter what size project you’re working on.

We have cultivated viable relationships with premium carriers, so you can be sure you will have the coverage you need, no matter how unique your risk exposures.

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