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Planning for a better tomorrow can never start too soon. Most Americans don’t have adequate savings or pension for a comfortable retirement, and often this is just due to lacking the assistance and support to get the job done.

Annuities, life insurance, long-term care and other vehicles are all part of the financial planning expertise that we can bring to the table.

Our jobs as insurance agents is more than just to protect you against loss or unfortunate events, it is to help you plan for a smarter, stronger and more secure future.

It all starts with a conversation, and an evaluation of your needs. Then it is an ongoing relationship over time to ensure that your future is provided for to the best of you ability.

Don’t wait, the sooner you start the better that time can go to work for you! Call us today for a consultation and let us help you take care of your future by planning on it now.

Retirement Planning

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Our job is to take the time to identify your personal needs and risks. That is the first step in making sure that your insurance actually helps protect you.

Next is to make sure that you are properly covered and that you are getting the best overall price for the coverage that you need. This is where the real value of an experienced and professional insurance agency comes into play.

And then of course, comes the outstanding service and personal care that we at Lucas Insurance Services pride ourselves in.

Whether you need to protect your car and home, want insurance for the possessions in your apartment, or need a general umbrella policy for peace of mind, our agents will provide you with outstanding service and the policies you need. Whatever your need, we challenge ourselves to find you the affordable CA personal insurance policies that work to protect you, your family and your assets.

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