Planning for a Secure and Comfortable Retirement

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Here is a scary statistic, one-third of Americans report that they have NO retirement savings and almost 25% have less than 10K saved towards that time.

Saving and putting aside for retirement is not an easy job, if it were then these statistics would not exist.

That being said, there are also quite a few Americans that have managed to save a substantial sum and that have taken care of a decent requirement. One of the key differences is not the burdens of life, but with education and long-term planning, often with the help of financial advice such as what we can provide at Lucas Insurance.

It is a real challenge to focus decades in advance and plan, but with the help of a team of experts then the job becomes so much easier and so much more likely to take place.

Lucas Insurance–Helping You to Better Understand Your Retirement Future

Time passes quickly in our lives and before you know it your retirement years have arrived. Planning and actions taken years in advance can make the difference between golden years and struggling.

The truth is that planning for retirement is something that many of us are not prepared for. Although we all know that we should, there are so many other important things to take care of in our lives.

That is why it is so important to have a trained financial advisor to help you out, to guide you and yes, even to coach and encourage you.

Whether a properly structure life insurance plan, or annuities to supplement your social security and pension, the simple fact is that time is your best friend when it comes to planning for your future.

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