Landlord Insurance to protect your rental property investments

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Real estate investors often have complex needs. Most homeowners seeking insurance would be considering their own home and perhaps a vacation property. But landlords and investors will often have multiple properties, varying levels of liability and may have both short-term turnaround properties or long-term rentals.

As your trusted California insurance brokers, we value the simple fact that we can protect you far beyond simple home, auto and business insurance — we are proud to get you the custom coverage you need for all aspects of your life.

Our ability to build tailored policies and offer the highest quality insurance advice is especially helpful for those who own rental properties. The standard homeowners policy is not necessarily appropriate or adequate for your protection and security.

Investment property insurance, from rental properties, fixer-uppers to an vacation rental

Having the appropriate insurance coverage for your rental investments is absolutely essential.

Whether you are renting out a long term property like a home or condo, or are simply allowing others enjoy a much needed getaway in your luxury vacation rental, you need to consider all of the risk exposures you face. Our specialized rental property insurance can help assume the risk for damages to your premises, as well as cover you against any unexpected injuries or accidents that occur involving others while on your property.

At Lucas Insurance Services we are here to help evaluate your realistic risk exposure and ensure you have the appropriate level of protection. We can help protect you against a variety of issues and our specialized insurance knowledge allows us to insure all levels of rental property including:

  • Properties that are vacant or up for sale
  • Properties that are under construction
  • Luxury high risk and high value vacation rentals

Rental income insurance is also an important factor to consider. The loss of a property is more than the physical loss, there is also the loss of the income stream. This requires specific insurance for rental property owners that can protect you against the loss of income from such an event as a fire. In most cases, this coverage will provide you with a year’s worth of rental income, allowing you the time and resources to rebuild and rent.

With so many options and alternatives to choose from, selecting the best rental insurance package may seem tricky–but with Lucas Insurance Services on your side, we guarantee to secure you the most effective coverage that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations, so give us a call today!