Long Term Care Insurance Companies and Quotes

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Planning for long term care is rarely at the top of anyone’s “to do list” or even on that list! But for many Americans the reality is that they will spend some time, if not considerable time, in care as they age.

We are living longer and this means that many of us will need help with day-to-day living, or require some form of nursing care.

Unfortunately, this can be very expensive. And this type of care is not covered by health insurance.

Yes, Medicare can provide last resort care, but there are many financial requirements and often this option will require sacrificing most, if not all, of your assets.

Planning ahead for long term care can mean a happier future for you and for your family.

Plan for your future with long term care insurance coverage

While healthcare coverage can take care of you now, how will you account for care in the long term?

With approximately 30 million Americans turning 65 during the next ten years, it’s expected that by 2030 one in five people will be a senior citizen. Additionally, the diagnosed rates of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and strokes have been on the increase as well–all required extensive and expensive long term care.

The common misconception is that healthcare or Medicare will take care of you as you age. The truth of the matter is healthcare providers don’t pay for long term care–and there are severe income requirements in order to qualify for Medicare. Entering Medicare facilities can mean the loss of all your assets and leaving little or nothing for your family to inherit.

At Lucas Insurance Services, we are committed to helping you find affordable Long Term Care Insurance now, so you can secure your care in the future. Few of us actively look forward to a future spent in a nursing home or care facility, but if we don’t plan for our care now, we won’t have many choices down the road.

Planned in advance, the cost of long term care can be affordable and a “non-event,” but left to fortune this can turn into a family disaster. Plan ahead and lock in your long term care coverage and options now.

Contact Lucas Insurance Services today and let’s begin addressing your long term care needs for tomorrow.