Specialized Policies and Insurance Quotes for Tanning Salons

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Tanning salons are quite popular here in Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley. While seemingly an easy and low-risk business to open and operate, don’t leave yourself exposed due to lack of the proper insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Besides the underlying general business insurance needs there are specific needs for a tanning salon  and the liability exposures of this specific business.

For example, while usually safe, suppose a new employee sets a bed for a client at either too high a setting or for too long. That client could potentially sue for burns or suffering based upon negligence. Even if innocent, the legal costs only could bury a small business owner. Or perhaps you take your care to a promotional event and are in an accident, your personal auto policy may not cover business use and another major loss that could wipe you out.

Comparing Insurance Coverage for your Tanning Salon

At a tanning salon you are providing services, dealing with patrons’ health and you have to be sure your equipment is functioning properly.

With so many risks to manage, you need the help of an experienced team of insurance agents who will guide you toward the correct coverage.

A tanning salon insurance policy from Lucas Insurance Services can be designed with the following coverage options:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

Not only is our insurance built with the standard business liabilities in mind, but it can be tailored to provide specific coverage for additional services offered at the salon. Our tanning salon coverage can be adapted to provide protection for:

  • Estheticians
  • Teeth Whiting Specialists
  • Body Wrap Technicians
  • Electrologists
  • Nail Technicians
  • Massage Therapists

If you own or run a tanning salon, you need to be sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Give Lucas Insurance Services a call today to learn more about our specialized insurance for tanning and beauty salons.