Health insurance is there to protect you and your loved ones when you need health care

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Health care and affordable health insurance is one of the hottest topics in our nation today. Private health insurance, single-payers systems, the Affordable Care Act and so forth can not only be quite confusing, but the rules, rates and coverage can rapidly change.

The good news is that more and more people are eligible for coverage than ever before. Federal law has made insurance possible for many that were denied coverage previously. But the law has also made premiums rise for many Californians… and we here in Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley area are not exception to that.

The fact is that everyone needs insurance or some form of health care coverage. It is just too risky to go without, not to mention potential tax penalties if you do.

The first step is understanding your options and your needs.

Your medical insurance, understanding health insurance plans and quotes

At Lucas Insurance Services, we can help you find affordable California health insurance plans for you and your family.

And just as importantly, we can help you to understand what your options are and what do all these various insurance plans mean to you?

Perhaps you have questions about what your Federally mandated rights are or what services will be covered. Can you get government assistance with your premiums? Which insurance plans are best for your needs? Should you join an HMO or look for a private physician. There are many questions to ask and we have the answers to all of them.

There are many reasons why people come to Lucas Insurance Services to find out about health insurance plans. Sometimes their employers do not offer health coverage, sometimes they are self employed. Some seek coverage for their family members. No matter what your reasons, we offer the best, most affordable California health insurance plans.

Contact Lucas Insurance Services today to learn about what California health insurance coverage we recommend for you and your family. Our agents are always happy to respond to questions or concerns, fill in the blanks for you and of course to show your your choice of health insurance coverage and quotes.