Exotic, Classic and Vintage Car Insurance

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Face it, anything that falls outside the norm can be hard to insure. Whether high-end, exotic cars–such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley or Porsche–or a meticulously restored vintage car, these all can present challenges in finding the best auto insurance quotes at an affordable price point.

These special and unique vehicles often see their fair share of time on the road and their very uniqueness means that they need a more comprehensive or tailored type of car insurance plan.

At Lucas Insurance Services, we have years of background and experience in covering classic and exotic automobiles, in fact this area is one of our specialties.

Finding the Right Auto Insurance Company for your Exotic or Classic Car

We are full service auto insurance brokers and can handle your special car.

At Lucas Insurance, we can provide you with basic to full coverage on your vehicle, including liability and physical damage—for standard, high-value and specialty automobiles, as well as classic cars and commercial vehicles. We have great CA car insurance rates for both preferred drivers and for drivers that have tickets, accidents, high-points and even those drivers needing an SR22.

Just as importantly is making sure that you have adequate and reliable protection for your classic car. You have to be sure that you have found the right car insurance company to back you up should theft or an accident occur.

There is also the very important factor of making sure that you get a top-dollar value assessment for your classic or high-end car, with all of the customizable auto insurance options that could be important to you.

At Lucas Insurance Services, we offer classic and exotic car insurance with more coverages, lower deductibles, and higher limits–all at lower prices than you might often find with your average auto insurance policy. And we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the policy that is just right for you and your classic.

For more information about or exotic and classic car insurance, contact us today!