Getting Nightclub, Bar or Pub Insurance in the Antelope Valley

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bar, restaurant, beer tap, bartender, antelope valley

It may seem like a quiet bedroom community but there are actually dozens of establishments in the Antelope Valley that are have bars or places to get a drink. If you are one of the hard working individuals that own or are running a bar or restaurant in Palmdale, Lancaster or the general area, then you want to make sure that both your business and your personal assets are well protected with nightclub and bar insurance.

Owning a nightclub or bar in the Antelope Valley, or anywhere in California, can be a risky business. Whether it is the sad occurrence of a patron involved in an accident, even after leaving your bar, or food poisoning, it is vital to have specific insurance, such as liquor liability insurance or restaurant coverage in general.

Especially as your business grows, aside from the higher number of clients there is the fact that prosperous businesses are more likely to be targeting by lawyers, it is vital that you have the right kind of insurance.

Bar insurance takes into consideration the high amount of traffic that goes into your business, especially in the evenings. It will keep your property protected from damages brought by unforeseen fights, incidents, staff negligence, burglar attempts, and other unwanted events. Although this type of insurance can seem relatively expensive, its cost reflects the risks involved–risks that can mean complete and total loss in the case of an uninsured incident.

Why You Need Coverage: The Risk of Owning a Nightclub and Bar

The bar and nightclub business can be risky but you can still build a good business, in spite of the risks, if you plan properly for these “risk events.”

As you well know, it takes a lot of money and effort to get a bar or restaurant off the ground… and to keep it rolling along. An unplanned event or accident, even just prolonged power failures or a natural event, can wipe out your working capital and reserves leaving you without anything to operate on–a common disaster for many ill-prepared food and drink establishment owners.

Accidents and natural catastrophes, such as the desert flooding in the Antelope Valley areas, can and do occur. There are many different accidents that could occur in a nightclub or bar. The risks involved in this line of business include: food poisoning from poor sanitation or mishandling food, assault, vandalism, robbery, fires, and lawsuits resulting from all of the previous incidents. And bars have the added risk of intoxicated customers, whom are at greater risk for mishaps, falls, accidents and so forth. When alcohol is consumed, one’s mental and physical capacity is reduced and the chances of these incidents will increase.

The point is that accidents and unpredicted events can and will occur. And when they do, they can really hurt your business, draining cash and evaporating assets just to cover the damage and liabilities, let alone continue to operate. Nightclub and bar insurance packages can guarantee that you don’t have to pay for any depreciation or liabilities caused by your business.

With this in mind, it’s important to have a reliable insurance plan for your business that will protect you from all these undesirable situations. Reliable insurance will conserve your profits. Paying for an insurance plan can save you if you reach a time of crisis and loss. It will defend you from unforeseen and uncontrollable events.

Liquor Liability Insurance for your Antelope Valley Establishment

If you serve any type of alcoholic beverage at your restaurant, bar, or nightclub, you will need to have Liquor Liability Insurance. The cost of this coverage is based on your annual sales of alcoholic beverages, so it can change over time as your business grows–this is important as you want to be secure in having coverage that provides adequate protection.

While starting a bar or restaurant is a popular choice for many individuals looking to start their own business, this path also has a reputation for high failure rate. But, a number of business studies have shown that the failures are not so much due to the nature of the business but to the fact of poor or inadequate planning.

That is why it is important to have seasoned professionals on your side to not only guide you but to make sure that the right and well-planned choices are made. This takes experience that goes well beyond mere “Google searches!”

When you work with Lucas Insurance you know that you are choosing a Bar Insurance Provider that will secure your business properly without second guesses. We help you protect what you value, at the best available rates combined with the coverage you need. It is our job to help you to be insured and protected now with coverage options that your business needs.

And when it come to experience, rest assured as Lucas Insurance has been proudly serving the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita business community for over three decades!

Nightclub, Restaurant and Hotel Bar Insurance in the Antelope Valley

Looking for a trustworthy and professional to guide you and watch out for your best interests? This is an important part of your good planning–finding the right professionals to be a part of your advisory team.

At Lucas Insurance Services in Santa Clarita Valley, we understand you need to keep your overhead costs down. We also know if an incident, accident, or loss should occur and you are not insured properly, your restaurant and bar business could easily go under–or limp along for months, or years, as you try to rebuild capital.

Here are some of the types of coverage that Lucas Insurance Services can help you with:

1. Liability Coverage: Liability is the most important package for your business. It is divided into two areas: general liability and liquor liability. General liability coverage protects you from the general costs of accidents that may occur, especially accidents that involve other people in your place of business. Liquor liability covers all alcohol-related injuries or accidents.

2. Building and Property Coverage: This package is useful for businesses that own their building. It helps you with any building-related accident. It also covers the cost of your building in case of damages from fire, storms, and other natural disasters.

3. Food Contamination Coverage: Sometimes your employees could mishandle the food you serve, leading to food poisoning for one of your customers. This could make your business vulnerable to a lawsuit. This package protects you by dealing with any incidents caused by the mismanagement of food.

4. Equipment Breakdown Coverage: As you know, bars and nightclubs usually own expensive equipment that could be damaged. This insurance policy protects businesses from financial strain in the event that their expensive equipment is damaged.

5. The government may also require you to have a specific package. In that case, we can help you get the insurance they require at affordable prices. Getting nightclub and bar insurance in Santa Clarita CA will go smoothly for you when you find the perfect insurance package for your business. Insurance is a critical component of every successful business. Contact us at 661-255-6363 to get a quote for the best insurance plan for your business.

With over 30 years of experience, the professional agents at Lucas Insurance Services will guide you through the process of purchasing the best restaurant or bar insurance in the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita areas.

Give us a call, you discover the difference it makes to have true professionals on your team. We are there to provide you with the service and attention that you need to protect your business and to find the right coverage for your restaurant and/or bar.

Whatever your commercial insurance needs are in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley, be sure to contact Lucas Insurance Services at 661-255-6363 and get the commercial insurance policy quotes and services that  you need.