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Home And Auto Discounts

Home and Auto Insurance in Santa Clarita

Your home and your cars are some of your most valuable possessions outside of your family and your kids… ALL OF WHICH, you would agree should be well protected and insured. To provide you with the peace of mind. To know everything that what matters most to you in your life is certainly covered, just in case anything were to happen.

We can help you save time and money with your Home and Auto Policy. If you’re a local resident living in Santa Clarita that owns at least 1 home and 1 car that we can insure for you contact Lucas Insurance.

Have 2 or more vehicles, with 2 or multiple drivers and your own home? GREAT, we can save you even more by combining your home and auto insurance now with a policy written by Lucas Insurance Services. Reach out to us at Lucas Insurance Services for a quote! Call Now: 661-255-6363

Santa Clarita – Home and Auto Insurance Discounts

Home And Auto Policy Discounts


We’re here because we like to serve and after over 30 years of serving is Santa Clarita we are the insurance experts. We can help you find the very best local resident discounts on your home and auto insurance policies so you can benefit from our many years of expertise and experience. Leaving you feeling confident that you are paying the best price for the most premium home and auto insurance coverage in Santa Clarita.

Lucas Insurance will give you the best home and auto insurance discounts rates and coverage available for Homeowners in Santa Clarita. We work with a large network of insurance providers to open many options for your home and auto insurance. When you call us now simply ask for a Licensed Insurance Agent in our office and they will be happy to provide you with a quote. With our help, you will have peace of mind by securing your most valuable property.

Speak with a Licensed Insurance Agent at Lucas Insurance services for a quote now.

Lucas Insurance proudly offering coverage for Home and Auto Insurance in Santa Clarita for 30 years. YES! Contact Lucas Insurance at 661-255-6363.


Home And Auto Discounts

Homeowners Insurance Santa Clarita CA

Home owners insurance is required by your lender when you owe more than 60% loan to value, in some cases even higher.

While homeowners insurance may not be required by law, it is certainly a good idea.

And, if you and your family also have a car or multiple cars in the household with multiple drivers then it is wise to have both auto insurance and your homeowners insurance policy with us so you can get local discounts for home and auto insurance in Santa Clarita.

Would you agree home insurance helps protect against many threats that may come up in the lifetime that you own your home.

Protect yourself and your home. Along with your property and personal liability by choosing an insurance provider and expert local to the area that can provide great service and local resident discounts for you when you get a home and auto insurance policy quote here with us online or by phone from Lucas Insurance Santa Clarita.

Home and Auto Insurance Discounts for Local Residents Living In Santa Clarita

It’s easy for you to get a home and auto insurance quote online or once you speak with one of our licensed agents…

They’ll ask you a few simple questions. To help us better understand the property that is being insured and what is most important to you. When it comes to helping you determine the right coverage for your needs and the home loan you have, along with the amount of automobiles, drivers and driving records of the drivers in your household that you would like to include in your home and auto policy.

Start protecting your assets and yourself… Local resident Homeowners in Santa Clarita can enjoy home and auto discounts when they get a quote now from one of our agents at Lucas Insurance Services.

So if you need Home And Auto Insurance in Santa Clarita call now:

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