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Santa Clarita Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses need Commercial Auto Insurance Santa Clarita. Especially to protect your business vehicles when they operate on the road.

The statistics show accidents will happen. Having the right commercial insurance coverage protects your business, in turn keeping your people moving on the road safely. When accidents happen you as the policy holder can be confident the commercial policy we help you get for your business will have the coverage to protect what matters most.

Plus with our 30 years of experience and expertise we’ll make sure you know other aspects of protection that most insurance agents often overlook when writing a commercial auto insurance policy in Santa Clarita.

The truth is it’s our job to shop all major carriers for you.

To find the best possible coverage options for you and us to know your business is insured properly, so if there was to be an incident or major accident that you can keep operating your fleet of trucks or cars and business can continue on smoothly.

Buying the right commercial automobile insurance policy matters and we’re here to help you get insured right. On so many levels… Much more than the amount you pay to be commercially insured.

Commercial Auto Insurance Santa Clarita CA

Santa Clarita Commercial Insurance

At Lucas Insurance Services in Santa Clarita we offer you the choices available to us from all major carriers. 

As experts with 30 years in business we pride ourselves on giving you a 1-1 professional white glove, 5 star service for your commercial auto insurance needs. Providing our clients the: knowledge, due-diligence, experience and expertise that comes with helping thousands of our clients get the right policy coverage.

We give our you the choices at the price point you need, with the protection your business needs to have.

Yes, We can help you with your commercial auto insurance policy!

The great news is if you would like commercial insurance in Santa Clarita for your fleet of trucks, cars, and SUV’s we can help get your business the best set of choices.

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Buying commercial fleet, truck and car insurance is required by law. It’s smart business to be insured against claims of bodily injury and/or property damage for which you could be legally liable.  The commercial automobile liability section of coverage can pay for these damages as well as related legal expenses such as expenses of independent adjusters, lawyers, witnesses and court costs.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage in Santa Clarita

Comprehensive and Collision damage coverage is required on your Santa Clarita commercial automobile insurance policy if you took a loan to buy the car or if you leased the vehicle you use in business.  

Learn more about Commercial Automobile and Truck Insurance for your business vehicles… We provide great commercial insurance services with the choices on your policy options and coverage that will make you smile. Get A Quote Now!

We shop all your best rates, coverage and pricing options across all major carriers for you based on your application for commercial automobile insurance coverage to all of our carriers. This ensures you are getting the best possible coverage at the best possible price.

Medial payments coverage will pay for medical bills if you and your passengers are injured in a car accident. This is known as a voluntary form of payment in that it pays regardless of fault.  Often injured persons will collect this to help reduce or pay for the deductible they have on their own personal medical insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial Auto Policy Coverage Options

Hired Automobile Physical Damage coverage – A hired auto is a covered auto owned by someone other than you that is hired. Or rented to you. This endorsement insures against comprehensive and collision damage to the rented unit. The endorsement will have a limit per unit or vehicle for physical damage coverage. Generally $50,000 to $75,000. A deductible will apply to each covered claim.

Non-Owned Business Automobile Liability coverage – This endorsement is for your employees who use their own vehicle for your company business. Such as business meetings or simply running company errands. It does not replace your liability as the employer. It protects you as the employer. If you are named in a claim or law suit as a result of your employees’ negligence. This endorsement will provide you with a defense and settlement if necessary.

Other commercial coverage options include:

  • Employee Hired Auto Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Auto Loan Physical Damage Extension
  • Driver Other Car Coverage

Always enlist the professional assistance of our knowledgeable, expert, experienced licensed commercial insurance agents at Lucas Insurance Services. We’re conveniently located with offices in Santa Clarita.

Contact us before making any important commercial automobile insurance decisions!